How to Dye your Hair “Rose Gold”

You’ll need:

Wella Illumina Creme Hair Color 9/43
Very Light Blonde/Rose Gold
Wella Koleston Perfect 6 Percent Creme Developer

The ratio is 1:1 so be sure to use the same amount of dye as you do developer. I used the whole bottle and it still wasn’t quite enough for my length hair.

Because my hair was strawberry blonde/red initially I had to strip the red so I could start over with this new shade. The rose gold wouldn’t take on hair that’s already red. I used a light ash blonde color to take out most of the red (ash offsets red). Here is what the light ash blonde looked like after I died it.

Here are a few pictures in different lighting (natural and florescent). Keep in mind the color of your current hair  will impact the final result. I suggest lightening your hair to some shade of blond before trying the rose gold.

I mixed the dye and the developer 1:1 (a whole tube of the dye and the same amount of developer). After applying it to my whole head I left it on for twenty minutes. I wanted a lighter shade but ended up with a medium shade of rose gold/red. Next time I may leave it on for a shorter amount of time.

Here is the final result in various lightings.


The bottom pictures look very light (natural lighting) but I can’t say the actual color is that light. It looks a bit more like the pictures above.

This is the Wella page that has some info on this color. It’s not super helpful or detailed but it’s worth a look.

Wella Illumina Rose Gold Ecaille Webpage



How to Dye your Hair Blonde for under $5.00

IMG_5167 You will need :

Revlon ColorSilk Sunlit Blonde Hair Dye

This box comes with:

  • Colorant
  • Developer
  • Conditioner
  • Instructions (with gloves inside)

Watch the video below for a full tutorial – Do it yourself – with the end results shown!

  • Mix the developer and the colorant (pour the colorant into the developer bottle.)
    • Close and shake the bottle until appropriately mixed.
  • Snip off the top of the bottle.
  • Apply an inch thick along the roots. Go from front to back. Part the hair in the back and get that area as well.
  • Start on one side of your hair and work your way to the other side.
  • IMG_5171Once the roots are covered, do the rest of your hair. Even if you’re touching up the roots you’ll have to do the rest of the hair in order to ensure an even color. You won’t need to leave it on as long.
  • Once the hair is fully covered, put a bag over your hair and tie it off to keep the heat in (this will make the dye take better).
  • Leave the dye on from a half an hour to an hour depending on the darkness of your original hair color.



How to Dye your Hair Strawberry Blond with No Fade!

54fff2df7b5a4-dye-hair-mistakes-orig-master-1IMG_5198Anyone who has tried to dye their hair one of various shades of strawberry blond, strawberry brunette or red know how hard it is to achieve the perfect shade and keep it from fading. From my experience, you can get some great colors from Loreal but they always fade after, oh, about a week.

After lots of research and trying it myself, I’ve found a way of mixing my own dyes that keeps the color from fading.

I buy Wella Colorcharm Hair Dye and mix my own shade. I like more of a combination between strawberry blond and strawberry brunette. Ashley Tisdale was partly my inspiration as she’s the only person I’ve ever seen achieve the strawberry brunette look.


You’ll need:

Wella Colorcharm Hair Color –

Titan Red

Honey Blond

Light Brown

Developer (you can buy Wella’s developer or use another)




If you want more of a blonde look, don’t add the brown or add less brown then I do. If you want a look that’s more red, add more red. These are the measurements I use (and I always eye it, it’ll never be the same twice) for my medium to short hair. If your hair is long you may want to double the measurements.
I use: IMG_4079

1.5 Tablespoons of Titan Red

1.5 Teaspoons Honey Blonde  (note – NOT tablespoons as above with the red)
1.5 Teaspoons  Light Brown


Mix the colors and start with your roots, then apply to the rest of your hair. For lighter color hairs it may take easier, and for darker hair types I recommend toning your hair light blonde first. I leave mine on anywhere from 45 minute to an hour depending on the achieved look. To watch the full tutorial – watch the video below:


Levesque Triplets

DIY: How to Make Homemade Pickles


Courtesy of

Why make your own homemade pickles? Is it a cheaper alternative to buying pickles? Do they taste better than store bought? Are they difficult to make from scratch?

I make homemade pickles because there is something more satisfying about biting into a fresh homemade pickle.. somehow if I make them myself they seem to taste SO much better. I make mine with garlic instead of dill. Maybe that is why I love them so much?

But is it a cheaper alternative to buying store canned pickles? Well the answer to that depends on prices in your local grocery store. Please see below for the necessary ingredients to make these, and decide for yourself the answer to that one.

This pickle recipe is easy, fun, and makes a damn good pickle!


Are you one of those Do It Yourselfers who is always searching for another recipe to use those mason jars you bought a 12 pack of and never use? Pickling is the perfect way to get those jars off the shelves and into your fridge!

For a visual video and step by step instructions on how to make homemade pickles, please see below:


To see specific tools and ingredients on how to make homemade pickles, see below!



Tools needed:

-Mason Jars

-Cutting Board

-Chef’s Knife

-Measuring Cup


Ingredients Needed:

-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Mini Cucumbers

-Kosher Salt

-Fresh Garlic



-1 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar Salt

-1 Cup of Water

-1 1/2 Tablespoons of Kosher Salt

-1 Garlic Clove


Good Luck!