How to Dye your Hair “Rose Gold”

You’ll need:

Wella Illumina Creme Hair Color 9/43
Very Light Blonde/Rose Gold
Wella Koleston Perfect 6 Percent Creme Developer

The ratio is 1:1 so be sure to use the same amount of dye as you do developer. I used the whole bottle and it still wasn’t quite enough for my length hair.

Because my hair was strawberry blonde/red initially I had to strip the red so I could start over with this new shade. The rose gold wouldn’t take on hair that’s already red. I used a light ash blonde color to take out most of the red (ash offsets red). Here is what the light ash blonde looked like after I died it.

Here are a few pictures in different lighting (natural and florescent). Keep in mind the color of your current hair  will impact the final result. I suggest lightening your hair to some shade of blond before trying the rose gold.

I mixed the dye and the developer 1:1 (a whole tube of the dye and the same amount of developer). After applying it to my whole head I left it on for twenty minutes. I wanted a lighter shade but ended up with a medium shade of rose gold/red. Next time I may leave it on for a shorter amount of time.

Here is the final result in various lightings.


The bottom pictures look very light (natural lighting) but I can’t say the actual color is that light. It looks a bit more like the pictures above.

This is the Wella page that has some info on this color. It’s not super helpful or detailed but it’s worth a look.

Wella Illumina Rose Gold Ecaille Webpage



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