How to Dye your Hair Blonde for under $5.00

IMG_5167 You will need :

Revlon ColorSilk Sunlit Blonde Hair Dye

This box comes with:

  • Colorant
  • Developer
  • Conditioner
  • Instructions (with gloves inside)

Watch the video below for a full tutorial – Do it yourself – with the end results shown!

  • Mix the developer and the colorant (pour the colorant into the developer bottle.)
    • Close and shake the bottle until appropriately mixed.
  • Snip off the top of the bottle.
  • Apply an inch thick along the roots. Go from front to back. Part the hair in the back and get that area as well.
  • Start on one side of your hair and work your way to the other side.
  • IMG_5171Once the roots are covered, do the rest of your hair. Even if you’re touching up the roots you’ll have to do the rest of the hair in order to ensure an even color. You won’t need to leave it on as long.
  • Once the hair is fully covered, put a bag over your hair and tie it off to keep the heat in (this will make the dye take better).
  • Leave the dye on from a half an hour to an hour depending on the darkness of your original hair color.




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