How to Dye your Hair Strawberry Blond with No Fade!

54fff2df7b5a4-dye-hair-mistakes-orig-master-1IMG_5198Anyone who has tried to dye their hair one of various shades of strawberry blond, strawberry brunette or red know how hard it is to achieve the perfect shade and keep it from fading. From my experience, you can get some great colors from Loreal but they always fade after, oh, about a week.

After lots of research and trying it myself, I’ve found a way of mixing my own dyes that keeps the color from fading.

I buy Wella Colorcharm Hair Dye and mix my own shade. I like more of a combination between strawberry blond and strawberry brunette. Ashley Tisdale was partly my inspiration as she’s the only person I’ve ever seen achieve the strawberry brunette look.


You’ll need:

Wella Colorcharm Hair Color –

Titan Red

Honey Blond

Light Brown

Developer (you can buy Wella’s developer or use another)




If you want more of a blonde look, don’t add the brown or add less brown then I do. If you want a look that’s more red, add more red. These are the measurements I use (and I always eye it, it’ll never be the same twice) for my medium to short hair. If your hair is long you may want to double the measurements.
I use: IMG_4079

1.5 Tablespoons of Titan Red

1.5 Teaspoons Honey Blonde  (note – NOT tablespoons as above with the red)
1.5 Teaspoons  Light Brown


Mix the colors and start with your roots, then apply to the rest of your hair. For lighter color hairs it may take easier, and for darker hair types I recommend toning your hair light blonde first. I leave mine on anywhere from 45 minute to an hour depending on the achieved look. To watch the full tutorial – watch the video below:


Levesque Triplets


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