Dimitri in Hartford Stage’s “Anastasia” looks just like the Cartoon

Courtesy of playbill.com

Courtesy of playbill.com


Courtesy of humansofhartford.com

Courtesy of humansofhartford.com


Hartford Stage put on a beautiful rendition of Anastasia based on the 1997 film that many of us 90’s children grew up with. Not only did the performance exceed my expectations but the actors themselves were phenomenal.

One actor in particular, Derek Klena, did a fantastic job in his role as Dimitri. Interestingly enough, he also looked and sounded just like the Dimitri we all know and love from the movie. And his singing was perhaps better than the lovely singing voice in the movie.

Cartoon Dimitri will never do Anastasia justice ever again. To really be blown away, you’ll have to see Derek Klena do it.

Oh, and he’s also just as much a gentleman (and has just as much charisma) as his character.

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